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Elastic body harness: Nice new looks for those eager to experiment

Elastic body harnesses are perfect for a great number of various occasions. From a bedroom activity to joining a PRIDE gathering or going out clubbing an elastic harness can bring you nice new experiences and serve as a source of great joy. Madelephantshop provides a wide selection of elastic body harnesses for each and every dark beauty lover. We’ve been in business since 2016, so our elastic body harnesses are tried and true ways of making people excited and happy. Buy your elastic body harness now and enjoy your new look!

What is an Elastic Body Harness?

An elastic body harness is an accessory that has come a long way from a purely-fetish equipment to a valued part of an everyday image. It can either be worn as a standalone piece or combined with various clothing items. Designed to provide extra accentuation to the wearer’s body curves, it is often used for fashion and restraint purposes simultaneously. Various body harnesses can be used by people of any gender and are designed to provide an extra spicy visual impact while being extremely adjustable at the same time due to elastic materials.

Types of Elastic Body Harnesses in Madelephantshop

If you’ve got a type, we’ve got a body harness for it! Our wares are numerous and extremely diverse. We try our best to cater to each and every exotic lingerie lover, so you will surely find a body harness, choker or corset designed specially for you.
We’ve got numerous sets of full body harness lingerie, leather, elastic or a mix of those two. Some sets embody tenderness and gentleness, while the others can make you feel like a Valkyrie or a succubus — the choice, as always, is yours.
We’ve also got numerous choker harnesses ranging from simple yet elegant chains to time-tested black leather. Of course, there are numerous exotic variants, including a full body choker harness modeled after Xena’s costume or one suited for Assassin’s Creed fans. Naturally, numerous harnesses with o-ring chokers and lots of metal hardware are also present.
One cannot ignore harness bras, the undisputed customer’s choice, and an often entry-level accessory.  Those can be worn over or under clothing and therefore present a variety of forms and functions. For example, an X-Cross harness bra stands as a classy and user-friendly overbust accessory, while a Pentagram bra is made to complement any type of witchy outfits, from Halloween to bondage ones.
Last but not least, elastic chest harnesses stay as the type of accessories most open to customization. Being elastic, they can be adjusted to any body size and form.
Below, you will find the most popular and critically acclaimed lingerie pieces, body harnesses and chokers. Feel free to take a look and make a wish!

  1. 3 piece lingerie set “Trap”. An elastic harness accompanied by top and panties made of soft velvet fabric; extremely comfortable yet usable as a polewear.
  2. Alien full body harness, visually similar to a ribcage of an eponymous movie character. Provides an extremely satisfying full-body experience.
  3. Amber bodysuit, multifunctional bodysuit, where harnesses are accompanied by lingerie and a choker. Usable as a swimwear and dancewear.
  4.  Aslard choker body harness, includes an adjustable choker, can be worn either over or under clothing.
  5. Basic lingerie set, usable with each and every harness model, size-fits-all.
  6. Breuis chest harness, unisex chest bondage adjustable for any neck girth.
  7. Cross harness bra, provides extra emphasis on breasts.
  8. Electra harness lingerie, consists of pants and cupless bra bondage, including collar.

Choosing the Right Size and Fit for Elastic Harness

Our elastic body harnesses are made of stretchable materials so they can usually be adjusted to your personal expectations. Still, pay extra attention to the list of measurements included within each position. First, decide on a design and style that resonates with your personal expectations and make your way from there. Then think about your main intention concerning the harness. If you wish to use it as a lingerie, choose an accessory that suits your bedroom first and foremost. If you plan to use it as a part of an everyday style, lean towards the most versatile harnesses that can accompany the widest clothing range. All in all, think about your personal comfort first. Body harness is designed to provide comfort and joy to its wielder, so choose according to your personal tastes!

How to Wear an Elastic Body Harness?

  • Bedroom activity. Still, the primary purpose of such accessories still extremely popular due to the combination of the ever-present senses of novelty, comfort and confidence.
  • Clubbing. Raves, discos, late night parties, sensual holidays, you’ve got them all. Elastic body harness can be worn either openly or discreetly. The choice is always yours and yours only. Either way, such an accessory can turn any clubbing night into a one-of-a-kind experience!
    goth rock\punk rock\punk\metal concert. Body harnesses, bodices, chokers and bodysuits have always been immensely popular at such events. Cook up your own unique look and party like never before!
    local PRIDE\dark fashion\fetish\art party.
  • Body harness can be yet another accessory in your preparation list, or it alone can turn you into a living, breathing work of art or even an artistic statement. As always, the choice is yours!

Caring for Your Elastic Body Harness

Take care to clean your elastic body harness after each use. Carefully remove any remains of cosmetics, lubricants and\or body fluids from the accessory using damp cloth. Feel free to use mild detergents and\or sanitizers to feel extra safe. Body harnesses should be kept in clean, dry and sunless areas. Excessive periods of direct sunlight can be harmful to the materials. Elastic body harnesses generally need no extra care from the owner. Just keep them clean and tidy, ensure that they are protected from unauthorized access and don’t expose the accessories to various corrosive elements, fumes, excessive temperatures and the like.

Buy Elastic Harness in our online shop and indulge yourself with luxury handmade accessories

Our online store provides a wide selection of elastic body harnesses in a multitude of shapes. From simple one-stripe accessories and elastic bras to full-body types and lingerie sets, we’ve got it all. Our experienced staff provides each client with an individual consultation and we constantly upgrade our stock according to the clients’ wishes. We also keep an eye on our deliveries to ensure the timely arrival of your order. We take extra care to deliver your order in an inconspicuous opaque package to ensure your anonymity. Besides, regular customers get access to an extensive discount system.


What materials are used in the elastic harness?

Our elastic body harnesses are predominantly made of numerous elastic stripes. Some items also include supplex fabric, knitwear and metal hardware. Several accessories add optional elastic or leather chokers.

Can I return or exchange the elastic harness if it doesn’t fit or meet my expectations?

Our return policy is quite simple. You are free to return a body harness that failed to live up to your expectations within 5 days of purchase provided that the accessory remained unworn and hasn’t suffered any structural damage.

How long does shipping take?

As usual, delivery time varies depending on your location. It usually takes us a day or two to process your order first. The typical order is delivered in 2-7 days. Some locations may take up to 21 days to deliver.

Can elastic harnesses be adjusted for different body sizes?

But of course! These body harnesses are called elastic for a reason, after all. Such accessories are perfectly suited to accommodate each and every body size and type. The majority of our products are made at least partially adjustable. Check the description of a particular product to learn more.

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