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Leather harnesses

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Leather body harness: Elegant new looks for each and every occasion

Not so long ago, leather body harnesses were regarded only as a part of a total leather look. Today they represent an entirely separate fashion statement. Once, they were relegated to subcultures and freak shows, yet lately, leather body harnesses have become popular as iconic pieces of clothing. Buy one in Madelephantshop now, and treat yourself to your personality’s new unique vision. Be assured your new look is going to be fantastic!

What is a leather body harness?

A leather body harness is an accessory that blurs the line between an intimate encounter and a trendy outfit. It is still an essential part of any thematic party, yet today leather body harnesses have become far more acceptable for an everyday person. Many types of such harnesses exist, from simple bras and belts to full-body sets. Yet each and every one of them is specifically designed to frame and showcase the body in the best possible way.

Types of leather body harnesses in Madelephantshop

Madelephantshop provides numerous leather body harnesses for any harness lover. Make your choice among the following items, find the ones most suitable for your personality and body type, and show the world how fashionable, stylish, and hot you can be. Madelephantshop has many leather body harness types to offer, so feel free to chat with our experts and buy one designed specifically for you!

Chest Harnesses

We’ve got a lot of elegant chest harnesses, starting from laconic “Rebel” and “Lunar” models to powerful-looking “Hecate” and “Wicked” types. We’ve even got an unisex leather hood harness for the most dedicated Assassin’s Creed fans!

Bdsm Leather Harnesses

Among the harnesses associated with BDSM culture, we’ve got numerous bra models. The “Warrior Cage” bra harness blurs the line between bras and full-body harnesses, making it the best transitional clothing item. “Snake Chain” unisex harness in a beautiful leather harness with numerous metal chains and an excellent snake symbol which will look most powerful on a person’s chest. “X-Cross” leather bra is a phenomenal accessory for men that’ll accentuate the attention on your shoulder girdle! 

Leather Harness Garter

Our product range includes numerous fetish leather garters and belts that fit both gothic and tech wear style. The “BLVCK Chain” garter belt is a great unisex variant perfect for those looking to integrate themselves into techwear culture. The “Nemesis” variant is a simple yet classic-looking accessory. The “Evidence” model includes six fully adjustable straps with metal rings!

Leather Harnesses for women

Most of our harnesses are unisex, yet some provide a far better impression if worn by ladies. Such models include the “Dominik” harness that highlights its owner’s bust, the infinitely adjustable “KVLT” leg harness, and the “Tank Girl” body harness with lots of metal hardware.

Leather Harnesses for men

Numerous harnesses in our collections are designed especially for men. Those include the stylish “Asymmetrical” model, the totally adjustable “Rebel” model for those open to experiments, and the very flexible “Korin” suspender harness that is both elegant and minimalistic.

Choker Harnesses

Most Choker harnesses represented in Madelephantshop are necklaces such as a simplistic “Havana” model or a “Phoebius” model for more sophisticated customers. Yet we’ve also got harnesses like the aforementioned “Dominik” that combine leather chokers with numerous adjustable underbust and waist stripes. Looks fantastic!

Leather Full Body Harness

Full body harnesses in Madelephantshop include the aforementioned “Assassin” model, the laconic yet trendy looking “Aden” harness, the “Imperium” harness for men, which is currently on sale, and the unique “Transformer” harness for those ready to experiment!

Choosing the Right Size and Fit of leather body harness

First of all, make sure that you feel comfortable in your leather body harness. Check all the straps and buckles, and your movement must be absolutely unimpeded. To reach this level of freedom, consult our size guide beforehand to make the right choice.

Continue striving for perfection, find the very best leather harness for you through trial and error, if need be. To encounter less trials and no errors, look for the most adjustable body harnesses. The majority of models represented in Madelephantshop offer maximum flexibility and contour even to the most unique body shapes.

Last but not least, search for the harness that makes you feel like a king of your life. Your personal leather body harness will empower you, enhance and showcase your body and your style, and feel like a second set of skin. Your body, your shape, and your sensuality should be your source of pride. The harness you seek would emphasize it!

How to Wear a leather body harness?

As scholars say, harnesses are all about aesthetics. Therefore, you should wear your harness whenever you long to add more aesthetics to your life. If the situation calls for framing and showcasing your body image, it’d be right to wear a harness.

Nowadays, it is considered most fashionable to wear a leather body harness over a basic t-shirt or dress shirt. Of course, the shirt in question must be well-fitted beforehand. 

Summer looks call for wearing harnesses with white button-up shirts. Best winter looks are made of a harness worn over an oversized blazer and a pair of Chelsea boots. In winter, a leather body harness worn over a nice wool long coat can be a game changer.

Gothic harnesses usually look nice worn over t-shirts and Gothic dresses. If worn underneath the clothes, make sure to leave some straps peaking out.

While elastic harnesses are most likely worn as an underwear accessory, leather harnesses are the best for wearing over the top of your clothing. Being more rigid, they look like a collection of belts and naturally suit any oversized clothing items!

How to care for leather body harness?

With proper maintenance and care, your leather body harness will serve you almost indefinitely. Luckily, the amounts of aforementioned mandatory maintenance are quite minuscule.

Never dip your leather body harness in water, as it damages the leather. Avoid harsh chemicals. Use a slightly wet microfiber cloth instead. That’ll take care of any stains just fine. If your harness gets wet, allow it to dry naturally. 

To keep leather from cracking and\or excessive drying, treat your harness regularly with a leather conditioner. Follow the attached instructions for the best results.

Store your accessory far from the sun’s direct rays. Choose a cool and dry place as a perfect storage for the harness. Avoid folding your harness with excessive strength because such actions may damage its shape.

If you follow these simple guidelines, your premium piece of clothing will be able to bring you joy for a very long time!

Buy leather body harnesses in our online shop.

Buy a leather body harness at Madelephantshop and treat yourself to the latest trends of thematic fashion! We’ve got full body harnesses, bras, belts, leg harnesses, thigh harnesses… whatever you can imagine, we’ve got you covered! Our experienced staff will help you to figure out your greatest wish and bring it into reality. And our experts will adjust the models of your choice according to the specifications of your body shape. Make your choice, contact us and soon you’ll reign supreme among your peers immersed in your personal objectified vision.


Can leather body harnesses be adjusted for different body sizes?

Absolutely! Leather body harnesses are totally adjustable and can be tuned to fit any body size, from petite to plus. These pieces of clothing belong to anyone and everyone, feel free to order one that fits you personally and rejoice in showcasing your unique body and personality!

How do I clean and maintain a leather body harness?

There are just a few rules for you to keep your leather body harness in top-tier shape. First of all, keep it far from direct sunlight. Never fully immerse the harness in water. Harsh chemicals are also a no-no for such an accessory. If you wish to clean the harness, use a slightly wet microfiber cloth. That’ll take care of any dirt stains. And if you treat your accessory regularly with a leather conditioner, it’ll serve you faithfully for many years to come! 

How do I know which size of leather body harnesses to choose?

Madelephantshop has a “customer care” site section. There you’ll find detailed male and female size charts with all possible specifications. Most of our accessories are adjustable and can be fitted for any body shape for an extra price. You are free to order a plus size lingerie harness if you want. Or a XS-size one. For us, your foremost comfort is what really matters!

What materials are used in the leather harnesses?

Our wares are made of high-quality genuine leather and dyed with non-allergenic colorants. Parts of the sets include knitted accessories and\or metal fittings. Several items also have steel chains.

Can I return or exchange the leather body harnesses if it doesn’t fit or meet my expectations?

Our leather body harnesses return policy is very simple. Once purchased, you will be able to return the harness within a 5-day term as long as it is unworn and hasn’t received any damage.

How long does shipping take?

Usually, we need two days to process your order and the delivery takes another week or so. Furthermore, shipping time can vary because of your location. Some orders can be delivered in two days’ time while others can take up to 21 days, but no more than that. 

leather men's chest harness beltwhite t-shirt and black leather harness

Asymmetrical leather harness

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Imperium body harness

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Korin suspender harness

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Pentagram leather harness


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female harness made of chains and natural leather, decorated with snake symbolcombination of chains, rings, leather and metal snake element

Snake chain harness

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